14 Day Old Wall-E

Have you seen pictures of Wall-E?  We got him when he was hours old.  Now he is 14 days old and doing great.  He has grown so much.  He goes through a lot of kitty milk!  Have you ever bottle-fed before?  It means your sleep is really broken up.  At first, I fed him every 2 hours because his little tummy couldn't hold much.  Now it's about every 3 hours so I get more sleep  I also have to potty him because at this age he can't go on his own.  Momma cat would do this normally by licking him which stimulates them to go potty.

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New Baby Wall-E

This is the newest addition to FAT Cat Haven. Wall-E is hours old in these photos. His mom only had 1 kitten and wouldn't care for him so he came to us. I will be bottle feeding for 4 weeks now. He has bonded with me. When I breath on him or hold him, he will start purring.

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