Arrange a gift during your lifetime that is received by F.A.T. Cat Haven on a specific date. This offers certain financial benefits to you, the giver:

  • Real Estate: By making a gift of a full or partial interest in real estate to F.A.T. Cat Haven, you will avoid tax on the long-term capital gains and generate an income tax charitable deduction.

  • Bequests: A gift to F.A.T. Cat Haven in your Will provides your estate with an unlimited tax deduction. You can add F.A.T. Cat Haven to your Will through a codicil without re-writing your entire Will.

  • Surviving Pet Care: Give your cat(s) the gift of life after you are gone and put your mind at ease knowing you have provided for them. You can do this through a bequest. Plan for your cat(s) survival without relying on friends and relatives. Countless cats are left homeless by their owners' death. This program guarantees loving, attentive care for your cat(s) when you are no longer here.