Cat Tail Diaries

The Cat Tail Diaries is like a book of short stories, mostly from a cat's perspective.



My name is Boo. I'm 14 years old. I don't care for people as you can tell from my picture. Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone!

Emma & Ribbit

I'z heping him with his breakfast. Honest mom, he said I could have some. Mmmm, that was good.

"Yes, I'm a grumpy cat. I've always been grumpy and at 19 years old I'm not going to change now. You've always loved my fuzz face. Hey, you better not have a comb or brush in that hand. Just giving you fair earning,

Kill  Them All

It's my job to kill these toys. Yes, for now, it's my role in life. Let's make sure these things are dead. It seems weird to me that I have to go back and kill some again. They just won't stay dead. Oh well, I can do that. Mom doesn't want one of th ...

My Little Lions

We had some mats shaved off three cats and now they have "Lion Cuts". Tiger, Pancake, and Puffy got really matted this year so this is their new look. They are oh so cute and feel like velvet. Click on the picture and see all of them


I'z Violet and I is hiding. You can't see me. Why are you talking to me? Pay attention hooman, you can't see me! Go away I's hiding from Puffy.