Wall-e 3 weeks

Wall-E is now 3 weeks old. I wonder why there is only 1 kitten? Could it be that something got the others and he was the only one left? That would explain why the mom wouldn't take care of him. Maybe she was too frightened to return for him. Well, it doesn't matter now. He is safe and sound at F.A.T. Cat Haven.

Wall-E 3 weeks old

Wall-E is thriving.  He has some of his baby teeth and drinks a lot more formula.  I'm getting a little more sleep since I don't have to feed him so often.  We are up to about 4 hours now between feedings.  It was really rough at first because he needed to be fed every 2 hours.  Are you aware that on a newborn kitten you also need to potty them?  You need to stimulate them by rubbing them so they will go potty.  The mom would do this by licking them.

Wall E 3 wks old 10 2 22 2

Wall E 3 wks old 10 2 22 3

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