As we pause to count our blessings this year, you're one of them.  We're thankful for you!  

Because of your generosity, we were able to rescue Zoey who was very near death at the time of her rescue.

Zoey 10 22 22 3

Stars was struggling in the daily hunger for food.  Abandoned by her owner, who moved away and left her to the fate of starvation.  Stars is so happy to have a home where she is loved.    She doesn't even want to go outside yet.  She likes sleeping in a warm bed and having food anytime she wants.  I keep assuring her that she will never be left alone again.

Star 10 18 22

All of us at F.A.T. Cat Haven  wish you an amazing Thanksgiving filled with all the things you love and enjoy.  We appreciate you so much and so do the cats!

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Happy Thanksgiving
Sweet Zoey

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