Sweet Zoey

This sweet little girl was brought to us about 3 weeks ago now. She was in very bad shape. I don't think she would have lasted much longer on her own. You can see and feel every bone in her little body, she is extremely thin.

Zoey 10 22 22 2

She had no owner but I believe she did at one time.  She is not feral.  She was a stray living on the streets, barely surviving.  It's obvious she has been on her own for quite some time.  We got her medical care right away.  Everything came back looking pretty good.  She just needs food.

Zoey is doing really well as a house cat.  She follows me everywhere and sleeps with me.  This kitty is so very sweet and loving.  She purrs at a touch.  She is enjoying all the cuddling  It will take time to build her up and fill her out, but we have the time and love to give her.

Zoey 10 22 22 4 

Zoey 10 22 22 3

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