3 New Cats and Willow to Vet

If you've read our blogs you know we had an unexpected expense. The new motorized gate keeps the cats safe. Now we have taken in 3 new cats recently, Amos, Zoey, and Star. Amos and Zoey went to the vet yesterday along with Willow, our resident 10-year-old. They will all be staying a second day and probably a third to wait for bloodwork results.

 Amos face 10 4 22

Amos' last blood work was in 2018 and it didn't look good. He is a little underweight too. He's a 9 1/2 years old Main Coon, who misses his person who died.

Zoey 10 21 22

Zoey will need the works, bloodwork and dental are the most expensive. She is so sweet and after being a starving stray, is really enjoying the attention. I haven't gotten a good picture of her yet. She is a black tortie with long fur, I think. Hard to tell about her coat yet, so much of it had to be cut off due to matting. She was so patient through it all. She wouldn't have made it on her own much longer, she is a skeleton with fur. The good news is that she is eating well and drinking lots of water.

Willow 7 16 18

Willow, our resident 10-year-old Tortie, suddenly can't pee. She went in on an emergency, she has a blockage. She is struggling and straining to pee and is peeing blood. Poor thing. We bottle-fed her from 2 days old. Her other siblings got adopted but little Willow had a nasal issue, which caused breathing problems. She wasn't expected to live longer than 6 weeks. So we kept her and smothered her with love. She still has a nasal problem but she deals with it. She's a tough little girl and surprised everyone with her will to live.

Star 10 18 22

Star will go in next week. She is a beautiful black cat with 3 white spots on her chest and tummy. We think she is about 1 year old. The person who brought her to us said that their neighbor moved and just left her behind. I don't understand how people can be so cruel. She will need worming, shots, bloodwork, and possibly spaying.

This is going to be a very big veterinary bill. Are you able to help with a donation? Everything helps, big or small. We couldn't save these lives and give them a second chance and a forever home without you. Help us all year by making a recurring monthly donation. Thank you.

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