Oh My, Missing Cat

The fun just never stops around here. Trying to get everyone in for the night, with treats, of course. Hum, who's missing? Baby-Girl isn't here. I'm off to search for her. I'm calling her and hear a small meow. where is that coming from? I call again and hear the small meow again. Ok, little girl where are you?

Well, I'm just not looking high enough. Baby-Girl peeks over the side of the roof and meows. Here I am trying to encourage her down the way she went up - deck to the railing to arbor to the roof. It's not working, UGH. Now where did she go, I call her back over to the edge. More encouraging, she's not getting the point. More meowing. Time for the ladder. Now to get her to come to where I am. Finally, I think, here she is, I grab her by the nape of the neck to slide her off into my arms. She's afraid and digs into the roof with all fours. I don't want to fall off this ladder either. I tell her it's safe, though I wonder, in a calm voice. Finally, she is in my arms, and down the ladder, we come, safe and sound. Victory at last.

Baby Girl 12 9 21


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