5 Newborn kittens

If you have read my last post, I mentioned being busy with kitten's.  Well, 5 newborn kittens were found in a pile of trash behind a store in town.  We were called and went to pick them up.  They had already been removed from their location and put in a box.  We searched for the mom with no luck.  Who knows if she would have come back?  Maybe she was just out hunting.  We will never know.  So the next step is bottle feeding every 2 hours around the clock.  They all passed one by one.  The last one I thought was going to make it.  Named him Teddy.  He was the happiest snuggling on my neck.  He also broke my heart and died at 19 days old.    Maybe Mom sensed that there was something wrong with them.  

So sad, but we tried! 

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