Wow 22 years

It's another year gone and the start of a new one.  Fat Cat Haven has existed for 22 years now.   Caring people like you have made this possible.  We receive no support from federal, state, or local governments.  YOUR  support is truly why we are able to keep our doors open and care for these beloved cats.  'We exist for innocent animals like Zipper,, Breezy, Cleo, and so many others that would be dead if it weren't for F.A.T. Cat Haven's 22 years of existence.

Our budget and finances are being strained already.  Our vet bills have gone through the roof, since we took all the LA cats.  They all had a bad case of fleas, which we treated with Advantage.  It didn't work at all, so now we have an infestation of fleas through everyone.  Today they were all treated with Bravecto, It's been extremely expensive. 'Stay toned to see how it goes.

Frankly, if it weren't for fellow animal lovers like you, we couldn't do all this. We just couldn't exist.


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