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Cas and kittens find themselves in critical danger during the summer months—in urgent need of care and basic necessities like shelter, food, and water. As we rescue more kittens we rely on the support from compassionate people like you to survive.  By partnering with us, we can save more.  

With you by our side, we are able to rescue, protect and care for those cats and kittens who need us most. Your support enables us to save them and provide medical care for them.  Just as we have for our newest 5 additions.  We have already gotten the boys neutered, vaccinated, rabies shots, dewormed and more. The girls are next. This is all very costly but we can do it with your help.  We couldn't afford to do this without your support.  Thank you.

A gift today of just $5 a month could help to save another kitten.  

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