General Fund

Your monetary gift underwrites current costs like telephone, veterinary, and food bills. Any amount is welcome. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Emergency Vet Fund

Several cats were rescued from deplorable conditions. They were needing immediate medical attention. It is only with your help that we can rescue these cats. You make it possible to give them medical attention, food for the starving, and a warm, secure place to call home. This may be the first home they have had. Please donate now! Give these guys a warm Christmas.

Memorial Gift

Making a memorial gift to honor the memory of a deceased friend, relative or pet while supporting F.A.T. Cat Haven is a meaningful and gracious gift that will live on for all those near and dear to you.

Sponsor a Cat

This is a monthly recurring sponsorship of one or more cats. This campaign means that we can count on your help to care for the many needs of that cat or cats.