We have established our goals and needs and we would like to share them with you.  Of course the biggest wish is always money for the food, litter and vet bills that are incurred daily.  The operating portion like utilities, and administrative charges are donated so that your donations truly do benefit the cats directly. 

A section of the cat sanctuary now has "cat fencing" attached to the top.  We saved a lot of money by doing the labor ourselves.  

Wanting a new building for the sanctuary: 

A multipurpose building is wanted to meet all of the various needs of F.A.T. Cat Haven.  This building would be used to expand our services to include more abandoned cats in the area. Currently this area is a converted bedroom of our home and outdoor enclosure, so we are limited to the amount of cats it can hold at one time.  This building would expand the indoor living areas of current and future cat rescues.  We would like a room for short and long term boarding or fostering of cats, and another to provide an area for the segregation of sick cats (sick are housed in pens in the garage, so that means heating the entire garage when there is a sick cat in there),  and finally a room to temporarily house the intake of new cats during their transition period.   The funding for this could come from a grant, donations to a building fund, donations from local contractors, or a combination. 

Need a grantwriter to securing grant funds by applying for funding on our behalf, and do so by either donating the time and effort or work on a contingency basis. 

A special fund to provide financial assistance to qualified pet owners for spay and neutering of their pets.

A special veterinary fund to provide financial assistance to help people who can't afford veterinary care for their cats. When pet owners are unable to afford vet care the animal is the one who suffers.  In many cases due to lack of funds, pets are euthanized. We would like to financially assist pet owners when life saving emergency needs are required for their cherished pet.  We could work with the veterinarian directly.



  • Monetary donations of any size
  • Paper towels
  • Dry cat food (350 pounds a month)
  • Canned cat food (48 - 16 oz cans a month minimum)
  • Clumping litter (300 pounds per month)
  • Cat beds
  • Bleach


  • Leave F.A.T. Cat Haven as a beneficiary in your trust, will, or life insurance policy.

PLEASE REMEMBER:  There is no donation to small.  Think about it - if 5000 people gave $1 every month the cats would have $5,000 each and every month.  Unfortunately it doesn't seem to happen that way.  Donations of cash, checks, or money orders are welcome.  The economy has hurt us all and has especially hurt the animals.  There are more cats being left homeless as their owners move and leave them behind.  Please help with whatever you can.  Thank you.