We are located in Crescent City, CA, but will accept cats from anywhere in the USA.

Currently we have received cats from these California cities: Sacramento, Fairfield, Vallejo, Oakland, Santa Rosa, Redding, Yreka, Montague, Klamath, Fortuna, Eureka, Smith River, Fort Dick and of course Crescent City. Also from the state of Oregon: Bend, Gold Beach, Brookings, and Harbor.

Our most recent out of area cat was flown into our airport from Oakland, California.  United Airlines uses SkyWest to fly into our small airport and they advertise that they specialize in their care of animals transported.  From what I saw when they arrived, I would have to agree.  The first one off the plane was the cat in his carrier, which was carefully carried to the terminal where we signed for him.  He wasn't frightened or tramatized at all, but that could be his personallity too!  Regardless, we were happy that he wasn't frightened from the flight or handling.