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    For All Time Cat Haven, aka F.A.T. Cat Haven, is a retirement home and adoption center for cats.

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    We have acres of lands and trees to explore. All fenced and secure.

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    We are a no-cage, no-kill shelter, and focus on comfortable, uncrowded, living conditions.

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Daffodil 6-16-14.JPGSweet PeaDaffodil and Sweet Pea come join us at F.A.T. Cat Haven.  Unable to keep their cats any longer, due to unforeseen circumstances, and unable to find new homes because of their ages, they find a forever home here at the "Haven."  They are healthy sisters and 9 years old.  Unfortunately it is very hard to get older cats adopted.  I don't feel 9 years old is old at all but the calls we get are all for very young cats or kittens.  Daffodil is chubby and just wants to lay around in the sunshine.  Her sister, Sweet Pea, is much more energetic.  She is now 1 of 4 cats who are allowed to go outside and roam the property.  She comes when called in the afternoon to spend the night inside.  They are both extremely loveable cats. 



An elderly member of our church passed away and left a 3 year old cat behind.  He was sick for quite some time and his concerned neighbor called us to make arrangements for his cat, Foxy.  What a delight she is.  She has adjusted well to her new environment but it took some time to get use to having other cats around, she came from a one cat household - HER!  She is talkative and speaks when spoken too.  She is a muted tortoiseshell and extremely pretty.  She is indoor only now with access to an outdoor enclosure.  She loves being outside.  She was originally and indoor/outdoor cat.  We hope she will be adopted into a forever home soon since she is so young.





Please help Scooter!

Scooter, a 10 week old kitten, comes to F.A.T. Cat Haven instead of being euthanized.  He was born in July with deformed, paralyzed hind legs and his hips never developed.  He was unable to use them and scooted on his bottom – thus the name “Scooter”.  We knew that he was going to be a challenge and require special care and have some special needs.  He is a very rambunctious, happy, playful, loving kitten and doesn’t seem to know that there is anything different or wrong with him.  Just like any kitten.

His back legs got in his way, from getting into a potty box to eating.  They were actually a danger to him.  They got caught on everything and were in danger of being broken as he “scooted” around on his bottom and tried to climb.  So off to the vet he went for some advice.   Bloodwork was done to make sure he was healthy then last week at 4 months old he had a double amputation.   Surgery was a success and Scooter came home with lots of stitches and staples in the small stumps that were left.  He did awesome for a week than last night we noticed a small hole in the skin on one leg stump and made an appointment to have him seen this morning.  By the time we arrived at the vets there was also a large split in the skin at the end of that stump caused from the swelling.  He will be spending the next couple days with the vet getting fixed up, but he assured us that Scooter will be fine

Scooters back end never developed properly so his testicles have never dropped which will mean another serious surgery later to get them removed or they will become cancerous. 

Our little guy just purrs through it all.  This has really been a financial hardship but he is so worth it.  Please find it in your heart to help him by sending your tax deductible donation to:  

F.A.T. Cat Haven

P. O. Box1751

Crescent City, CA  95531

Tax ID 68-0485301

No donation is too small. We hope you enjoy his video and photos and fall in love with him like we did.

We Need Your Donations

F.A.T. Cat Haven is funded entirely by donations from individuals who love animals - wonderful people like you!

 In order to continue our rescue efforts we need your help

We maintain a no-kill, cage-free home for up to 100 cats in the rural area north of Crescent City, California.  We are committed to saving the lives of homeless cats by rescuing, providing veterinary care, and placing them into loving homes of their own.  But Unlike most other rescue organizations, we do not have a time limit for the cats to get adopted.  We care for them for the rest of their lives if need be, including those with disabilities and chronic but manageable diseases like leukemia or diabetes. 

This sanctuary proves that it is possible to provide a comfortable and loving home for groups of unwanted cats who otherwise would have a very uncertain future and usually a slow death.

By supporting F.A.T. Cat Haven you are not only helping many wonderful animals, you are also making a statement that animals do matter and that they deserve loving care.  Your donations matter and are making a difference.  Please make your tax deductible donation now.  We can't do this without you!

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For All Time Cat Haven is a 501c3 nonprofit charity dedicated to providing a lifetime care facility for homeless and unwanted domestic cats.