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 October 4, 2013

    To Chris and Hal I can only say ONE IN A MILLION-------in this case make it TWO in a MILLION.....  Cats/Kittens who are lucky enough to have found this NO KILL SHELTER have found a loving, caring, exceptional shelter until they find their own FOREVER HOME.  I cannot not say enough about how these people with true dedication give their time to each and every cat.  No cat is missed getting love, attention and care everyday of every week.  I enjoy my visits because I get the latest story or update by name of the cats ---along with a greeting from cats who understand there are humans who do care and care enough to make a difference.  It is a pleasure to be a Donor to help keep this shelter able to give the best possible care to their cat family.  Donations are appreciated and needed.  Thank you to Chris and Hal for doing a great job even through difficullt times when dollars are short.......You both are GREAT PEOPLE....

Harold4 - Donor

October 4, 2013

    My husband and I found a young (6 months old approx.) and she was pregnant. Chris took the kitty and made sure she was comfortable, clipped her claws and is now taking care of 5 more little kitties and Boots is spayed or will be soon, all because Chris and her husband have donated their lives and property to taking extra over above and beyond care of the cats that come their way. We don't know what we would've have done without For All Time Cat Haven. The thought of her going to the pound and put to sleep sickened us

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Somehow reimburse Chris and her husband for their out-of-pocket expenses and provide a couple extra people to watch the cats so they could take some time away together

 Vicki Theriault - Client Served

September 14, 2013

    Six months ago I took a neighborhood cat who had a large wound on his leg to Fat Cat Haven. Chris and Hal lovingly took him in and got him the vet care he needed. The wound healed, however the cat "Bugsey" has become ill from other causes. Chris has vowed to love and care for him until the end. The way they love all the cats is so amazing! They are angels to cats that have no home, love or options.  Words can't say enough about  Fat Cat Haven. 
L. Horton 95531
Client Served

June 24, 2013

    Chris and Hal are two wonderful people who care for cats, young and old. You can tell that all the cats are loved.  As a volunteer, I can say there is a lot of work to be done around there and Chris and Hal works very hard to keep up on the place and make it look nice and give all the cats loving's.

June 5, 2013

    These people at Fat Cat care!  They took in 2 older cats of mine when I could no longer keep them at home (House on market to sell~cats incontinent) and they lived out their lives in comfort there; they are now in the pet cemetery in the back yard). 
Client Served

May 25, 2013

    Fat Cat Haven is the most loving and caring place for cats.  No cage and no kill.  If they don't adopted, they spend the rest of their lives. 
    Hal McChesney,
 Board Member & Voluteer & Donor

May 23, 2013 
    It is so amazing the time and efforts that Chris and her staff put into maintaining F.A.T. Haven!  What dedication and love they have for all the cats they care for.   They are all selfless people who care the way all of us  should care for the wondreful animals that have been placed on the same planet that we inhabit.  


Ways to make it better...

If I had to make changes to this organization, I would...

not know what to do.  They do everything in their power to take care of as many cats as humanly possible.  I would advocate more donations from all who can give.  They so deserve to win some money to help them with all their expenses. 

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very Well


May 22, 2013
    This organization does extremely wonderful, and basically thankless, work.  Chris and her entire staff are caring and hard-working.  They make every dollar count and rescue as many cats as they possibly are able to provide for.  If I won the lottery I would make a very large donation to them because I feel they would spend it on exactly what it was intended for, the animals.  You hear so many bad things about charities these days, it's wonderful to know there are dedicated organizations doing their very best.

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April 5, 2013

    F.A.T. Cat Haven is truly a no-kill sanctuary.  We have accepted healthy cats which had been taked to the vet for euthansia.  They are now living out their lives here.  We only consider euthanasia when nothing else can be done to help a cat live a pain free life.  People who visit are amazed at how happy the cats are and how well they all get along.  F.A.T. Cat Haven is operated from our home and our 4 acres.  This insures that money received from donations goes to food, litter and vet bills.  There is no rent, wages, or utilities taken from these donations.  Since the cats are here at our home, they get a lot of daily attention and love.  Our main reason for starting this sanctuary in 2001, was because there were so many cats being euthanized, abandoned and abused due to old age, illnesses or deformities.  There needed to be somewhere for these cats to go, a place safe, secure, with love and attention.  That's when For All Time Cat Haven came into existance.  Tours and adoptions are given on an appointment basis.  Our goal is to get each of these wonderful furry lives their own forever home.  But until that day comes we will continue to give them the best of care and love while they are here at F.A.T. Cat Haven.
Chris M.
Board Member & Volunteer & Donor

April 1, 2013
     I am  always very inpressed each visit at this wonderful NO KILL cat shelter but it goes beyond a cat shelter, this is a home for all cats of all ages, the senior to the kittens all find real love and concern for their needs.  To visit each time is an adventure to see new and old friends, Chris and Hal are wonderful caregivers for these delightful creatures.  We always get a laugh and a giggle out of the antics of the cats as they play or show off for us.  As a NON+PROFIT it is very important to help where ever we can, every bit is a big help -------we do what we can but I will ask anyone reading this ------Please give too, whatever you can --to a REALLY GREAT and Loving home-- for cats needing a home...Thank you for your kindness....
Donna N.
Board Member & Volunteer & Donor

November 26, 2012

This nonprofit is excellent and the cats are given the best medical care. Chris loves each and every cat and deeply cares about their total well being. I do cat rescue on a small scale so I know how difficult and costly it can be to take exceptional medical care of many cats. I am not able to take in small kittens. Chris was kind enough to take tiny kittens (who needed to be bottle fed) from me in the past. She is like magic with kittens - she is so wonderful with them! She has saved many a kitten from deaths door. Her total dedication to the cats under her care is unsurpassed. We are lucky to have For All Time Cat Haven on the northcoast of California!

I'm also a client served, as my two older cats moved in when I had to move across the country. My cats were treated as part of the family and lived out the remainder of their lives well cared for and well loved, I was even sent photos of my "kids"! I was able to visit them a few times and the facility always had an "open door". All the animals I saw on my (usually unannounced) visits were happy and looked well cared for. I continued to donate cash and in-kind. So many local animals need this type of humane care, and while many are helped here, so many more could be helped with increased donations. Pretty much the entire house, fenced two acre wooded yard and garage are devoted to the cats by these very loving and capable people.  -- terrya -Donor

For All Time (F.A.T.) Cat Haven is just that - a for all time sanctuary for cats. No discrimination here, no matter if a cat is blind, three legged, bald, toothless or just old, the wonderful people at FAT Cat Haven will do everything necessary and more, to take care of these unwanted creatures. Countless trips to the vet, specialized medications and doing the absolute best that they can with their HOME, is what I see here. This dedication MUST continue. There is nothing else like it in this area! Living just a few miles from FAT Cat Haven, I'm painfully aware of how desperate our economy is, how short funds are here, as well as volunteers. Our harbor was destroyed by the recent surge (tsunami) Money is tighter than ever. The sanctuary desperately needs new fencing. Desperately needs new flooring inside. Desperately needs funds to care for the cats who were once loved by someone else, and are now loved with everything that these people have. We live in a maritime climate, and upgrades to the old fencing and living areas for the out of doors cats must be built. MUST. Raccoons and cougar can easily enter, and the sanctuary is compromised. Indoors, there are cubby holes and platforms everywhere you turn. These people have given so completely, freely, of their lives and home. Each cat deserves a home, and my heart tells me that if the sanctuary had an upgrade, that more cats would be adopted. Outreach is of the utmost importance. I understand all this very well, as I have taken in 8 rabbits, who were otherwise abandoned, unloved, unwanted or neglected, even abused, along with five other animals, including horses. F.A.T. Cat Haven deserves to be the beneficiary of special attention and funding, equal to the dedication and commitment that's unwavering and pure. The sheer numbers of cats that are cared for, begs for the assistance of an army of volunteers. There is no such army. Please help. --

 happydarylann, Crescent City, CA -volunteer

F.A.T. Cat Haven is run by a woman with a big heart that truly loves cats. She took in two 16+ year old cats of mine that were able to live out their last years in a calm and loving environment. They are located at the edge of Crescent City, CA on 4 acres, fenced for the cats. Even though my cats have died and are buried in her pet cemetery, I freely give of my time to help out, as this is a good woman with a passion for what she does. --


F.A.T. Cat Haven is a labor of love. It rquires true dedication to do what these folks are doing out of their own home 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. -

They're Great!  I've personally experienced the results of this organization in...My associations with the land owners, who have donated their land and home to provide for abused, elderly, and stray/abandoned cats and kittens needing immediate care. I have helped with fundraisers and volunteered in cleaning of cat shelter.  I even adopted one cat to take home with me.

Ways to make it better if I had to make changes to this organization, I would donate more funds to expand the housing for the cats and help fund a spay/neuter program for this depressed area.

More feedback... How would you describe the help you got from this organization? A lot

How likely are you to recommend this organization to a friend?  Definitely

How do you feel you were treated by this organization?  Very Well

How did you find this group? I met these folks while attending a meeting with other town folk and the other animal organizations in town to discuss the health problems at the local Humane Society.

What, if any, change in your life has this group encouraged?  My feelings of worthyness because of my small part in helping these defenseless animals.  These people are a God send to this area.
When was your last experience with this nonprofit? 2012      
 PLUMFUN,Crescent City, CA, Donor & Volunteer

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How would you describe the help you got from this organization?  Life-changing

How likely are you to recommend this organization to a friend?  Definitely

How do you feel you were treated by this organization?   Very Well

When was your last experience with this nonprofit?  2012

-Client WILLIAM17  Crescent City, CA, Donor

I have known Fat Cat Haven or should I say Heaven for a number of years.  I first saw their donation jars in our small town and would drop my dollars in each time hoping to help the kitties.  Then I read information posted regarding the FOREVER Home for all cats whatever their need.  THis impressed me as it was a true home for the aged, the ill, the handicap, cats whose owner had passed and now were without not only their owner but also now their home.  Finally one day I drove out to see this no kill shelter, to meet the people involved and feel in love with both Chris and Hal.  I saw through their eyes their mission, the dedication and the complete love for each and every cat.  At that time there were over 90 cats of all ages and stages of life but I was most impressed as Chris talked to each cat and called them by name as she shared each of their stories.  The afternoon passed quickly and I knew this would be my FOREVER project and now many years later it is still with great respect and love for these 2 people I completely  support this wonderful For Ever Home for cats.--

Plumfun  Crescent City, CA , Donor ,volunteer

 I became acquainted with FAT Cat Haven through "Hugs for Homeless Animals", and became a follower on Facebook.  I am so impressed with their dedicated and responsible approach.  They are working hard to provide the best homes possible for each of the cats in their care.  If you live in their area, I encourage you to contact them to arrange a visit, and ask how you can help.  What they do is so important, and it is vital to "get the word out" to everyone in the local community.  If you don't live nearby, please consider sending a donation to help them out.   If you crochet or knit, how about making some blankets and toys?  I know any and all donations would be very appreciated.  On behalf of the kitties of FAT Cat Haven - Thank You! --

Cynthia W. - General member of the public


The cats we care for at F.A.T. Cat Haven come from many backgrounds, some abused, many abandoned, or owner relinquished.  Heidi, as a kitten, was thrown out of a 2nd story apartment by her front leg.  After weeks of attempt to save her leg, it finally had to be amputatated.  Cotton was left to us with 7 others in 2005, when here owner died. She now has diabeties, requiring insulin shots twice a day and bloodwork every 3 months. Highway, about 6 weeks old, was thrown from a car and found on the highway with a badly broken leg. He was brought here and immediately went to the vet for emergency surgery and his leg and hip pinned in place.  Try keeping a kitten calm and unactive for a couple of months to heal.  He was adopted and went to a great home and we continue to see him.  Ocho, lost one of his lives to a warm radiator and fan.  Came to us with broken leg and many wounds. requiring stitches.  You could n't tell now that he had been hurt and he is still with us Oct. 2012.  We have a lot of stories like these of cats and kittens that would have died if we had not done something. Many other beautiful cats are ready for adoption but so may people want only a kitten and they go fast.  How about the older lap cats? They are already trained, nnd personalities developed . They have so much love to give if someone would just open their home and heart to them.  Just need that special person to love them back and provide a forever loving home.  This is definitely a labor of love but we couldn't do this without your financial support . THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


This place was all and more than we hoped it would be for my husbands cat Bootsie. When his mother passed and no one in the family was able to take in another animal, we found F.A.T. Cat Haven and was very satisfied and happy that Bootsie would have a home like this for the rest of her time. Thank you for taking care of her for us. -

Sally S. -General member of the public


Dr. N., Crescent City, CA - Dentistry Expert-Donor

November 8, 2012

I visited the Haven several years ago.  The haven has a large fenced in area with numerous cat homes, trees, places to hide, a special litter area and indoor sanctuaries.   When I visited, Chris and I walked through the sanctuary and numerous cat followed us and ran ahead of us.  Their tails were high and they were happy.    I have never forgotten the scene of those cats and their tails running before and after us, and those tails high up in the air.
 -MIRIANLEAR, Crescent City, CA - General Member of the public
November 8, 2012
    My wife Chris and I have been saving cats since we were married in 1993.  She came with 15 cats who gave their aproval of me.  We started F.A.T. Cat Haven to rescue healthy cats from being euthanized because they were abanded and left to fend for themselves.  Many people asked if we were nonprofit as they could donate and write it off.  In 2001, we were up to 35 cats and filed for California nonprofit Corp. and abtained  501(c)(3) status.  We have had 130 cats at one time, but the economy was hurt us greatly.  We rely soley on public donations to care for the cats in our santuary.  We need all the help we can get to keep  F.A.T. Cat Haven running for the health and well being of these cats and to rescue more. 
- HalM,Crescent City, CA -  Executive Director, Board of Director, Donor & Volunteer

November 4, 2012
     I met Chris and Hal McChesney years ago through Fat Cat Haven. When I visited the sanctuary the first thing I noticed the reason for their success...LOVE. They love the cats that come to them. They know each and every one by name. They know the cats history, and they care for these sweet cats as if it were the only cat in the world. This sanctuary, FAT CAT HAVEN deserves your attention!!
MegF, Arizona -Volunteer, general member of public

November 26, 2012
    My experience with Chis and Fat Cat Haven is from a slightly different perspective.  After 15 years we were in a situation where we had to give up our beloved cat Brooke.  There are not a lot of acceptable alternatives, but Fat  Cat Haven was there for us and Brooke.  While still extremely painful, we take great solace in knowing that Brooke will live out her days in a kind, caring and happy environment, and may even end up in another loving home.  We really can't thank them enough.
R Burton, Pacific Palisades, CA - Client & Donor

November 20, 2012
    I adopted a wonderful cat named Hope from this shelter  about 2 years. She had been with them since she was a kitten. I got her when she turned nine. Her and I have since then bonded, Hope and I are almost inseparable, she even enjoys following me into the bathroom. She's a wonderful, friendly companion, who even though she's 11 years old, enjoys tossing around a catnip mouse.  I couldn't thank Fat Cat haven for taking care of her until I could giver her a forever home. This shelter needs the help and donations in order to care for these wonderful companions until their forever homes can be found, or renewed.
dawn.angel.aurora, Arcata, CA-client served

November 20, 2012
    I recently took 2 pets that I could no longer care for to Chris at FAT Cat Haven. She was understanding, gracious and kind. She and her husband welcomed them like they had known them forever. They truly loves cats and it is reflected in the way they cares for the many animals they have taken in. They never turn an animal away. The homeless, sick, injured, abandoned, and the dying. They love and care for them all. I do not know what I would have done without them. What really astounds me is that they are 100% non-profit. She and her husband always put the needs of the animals first. Many times before their own needs. I donate every chance I get because I know how every dollar is used. I am grateful everyday that there are people like Chris and her husband in the world. I am honored to know them and their great work on behalf of cats.
irishpeech-Client Served

November 20, 2012
    The donations of the wonderful people who really care about what F.A.T. Cat Haven does, has really made a difference.  The economy has really hurt us.  Dentals on 2 cats in 4 days was over $1200.  Example of recent Christmas fundraiser: The efforts of making items to sell and basket items to raffle, pack them up, take them to another area fundraiser, unpack, set up, spend the day selling items and raffle tickets, pack up again, return and unpack.  We made $216 of which $40 comes out for our table space.  Did you know we are also taxed on these sales!  How do we make this kind of money without your help.  It would be imposible.  The needs of the cats in our care come before everything else. The everyday calls of cats and kittens needing a home that we have to reject because we don't have the funds to care for them is breaking my heart. We have in the last 6 months rescued a total of 10 kittens which we bottle-fed, got shots, spay/neutered and adopted.  Took in 3 cats from L.A., 1 cat from Pacific Palisades, CA, 1 cat flown up here from Oakland, CA, 1 cat from Pales Verdes, CA, 1 cat from Vallejo, CA, several cats from Crescent City, CA, 1 of which needed immediate medical care or he would have died. They are all elderly so most likely will not find another home.  F.A.T. Cat Haven is publicly funded and the generousity of those who donate enable us to rescue these and other cats and kittens.  They help us to provide lifesaving medical care, provide a safe, secure, loving home until these precious lives are adopted or we provide for the rest of their lives.  The more people who are able to give, the more lives we are able to save. Saving and providing for the cats that are discarded or otherwise in need of a home is so essential!  Humane Societies and most rescue groups are not set up to provide long term care-F.A.T. Cat Haven is and we will continue to do our best in caring for these lives to the best if our ability! 
C.McChesney-Executive Director, volunteer, donor








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For All Time Cat Haven is a 501c3 nonprofit charity dedicated to providing a lifetime care facility for homeless and unwanted domestic cats.