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Sponsoring one or more cats for a specific period of time means that we can count on your help to care for the many needs of that cat. If you want, you don't have to specify a specific cat to sponsor.  You can still sponsor the cats in general here at F.A.T. Cat Haven.  You will receive special recognition below when you sponsor a specific cat or cats in general for a minimum of $20.00 or more per month, for 6 months or more. Contact us for more information about his program if you need too.

To get started now, follow this link and choose "Sponsor-a-Pet" and set your initial and recurring donation options. Include the cat's name in the comments box if you are sponsoring a particular cat or indicate that it's to help all the cats in general. 

This white cat is Cotton.  She is diabetic and needs insulin shots twice a day.  Last time we purchased her insulin it cost $115.00 and lasts about 3 months.  Then there's the cost of needles and her special diabetic canned food.  Also the 3 month vet checkup and bloodwork to make sure the dose hasn't changed.  She is a sweet kitty and she has lived with F.A.T. Cat Haven for many years now.  She's good about taking her shots, but knows that her food is coming next.  I think that"s why she is so good about it.


Another cat that's named Lola is also a special needs cat.  He hasn't been her very long, just a few months.  He is all boy and we just can't make ourselves call him "Lola", which to me sounds like a girls name, so we are calling him Lolo or Lo.  It seems to be working. He is a beautiful Lilac Point Siamese and was flown up to Crescent City from Oakland.  This guy has Hypertyroidism, which means a pill twice a day, a vet checkup and bloodwork every 3 months.  We found out that Lolo loves his tummy and chest rubbed.  Just reach for his tummy and he flops down and rolls onto his back waiting for it.  Oh, and let us not forget his belly rub twice a day!  He is the best cat when it comes to taking pills, thank goodness.  I think it might be due to the upcoming tummy rub after his pill every day.  He would lay there all day if you'd continue rubbing his tummy I think. 

Lolo-feels goodLolo 1st day










Some people would consider Ladybug a special needs cat since she is blind.  She has no trouble being blind, it seems her nose for smelling and her ears for hearing are hightened.  But being blind isn't her problem.  She is an over groomer so she has to wear a shirt.  Without a shirt on, she grooms so much that she will pull out her fur with the 1 and only tooth she has.  Wow, have you ever purchased or seen the prices of those shirts for dogs - way expensive for what you get.  A volunteer, Darylann, has made her some shirts from baby clothes.



Heidi, was thrown from a second story apartment building by her front leg when she was 6 weeks old.  She was brought to us and from here, off to the vet.  Her leg wasn't broken, and other than the badly torn and twiisted ligiments in the leg, she was okay but in a lot of pain.  Big relief for us - it could have been so much worse.  So the leg was wrapped and splinted but not into the original position but with just a slight turn. You see her leg and paw were backwards.   The plan was that every week the vet would reposition her leg a little more toward its proper position.  Over time it would be back in the proper position and she would be fine, but at the first appointment we found that she was peeing with her front leg between her hind legs and the pee was being sucked up in the materials used to wrap the leg and was rotting the flesh on her leg.  Now we had to have it amputated.  She never indicated that she was in pain - Wow what a strong little girl.  She has lived at F.A.T. Cat Haven now for most of her little life and you would never know that she has any kind of handicap.  It doesn't keep her from doing anything the other cats do, including climbing.  The vet said that it's harder on an animal to have the front leg amputated than the back one.

These cats and others are all special cats and rescued from a variety of situations.  The ones above don't know that they are  "special needs" cats.  Sponsoring any cat here at F.A.T. Cat Haven will be helping all the cats that live here.  With your help and generousity, we can help more abused cats and save more abandoned cats.  Thank you all for your generousity!  We couldn't do this without you!


Judy Holden, Crescent City, CA 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold McChesney,  Crescent City, CA

Dr. & Mrs. Harold Nemetz, Crescent City, CA

John Cupp, Crescent City, CA

Marie Timm, Crescent City, CA

Marie Danek, Crescent City, CA

Alicia Holland, Crescent City, CA

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Linda Horton, Ft. Dick, CA

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