Friday, May 20, 2022

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Exploring Encouraged

F.A.T. Cat Haven is housed at the McChesney’s, using their home and 4 acre. The sanctuary is operated as a cage-free, no-kill habitat. The outdoor areas are large so there is no cat fighting because they have the room to roam.  Visitors have commented on how peaceful and friendly all the cats are with each other. It is securely fenced so that the cats can enjoy the area in safety.  We encourage exploring by leaving the sanctuary in its natural state, with trees, ferns, bushes, open grassy areas, and decks. The cats can be seen enjoying the pleasures of running among the ferns and hiding in the tall grass (prior to mowing).  They have trees to climb and can be seen playing “hide N’ seek” with each other.  You may find a cat chasing butterflies or just relaxing in the sun. Crescent City has a very wet climate, so the decks are nice for the cats to have dry areas to sun themselves on and play with each other.  Those that would rather sleep have been provided with a heated 6’ X 32’ “Cat House” lined with shelves for laying on.   There are cats that wish to get away from the others for some quiet time but would like shelter to sleep and relax in.  For them we have provided, what we call, kitty cabins.  They can be dog igloos, large crates, dog houses, and cat houses, all with a foam box and clean bedding.  At F.A.T. Cat Haven we try to think like a cat and provide for their every comfort and need for a harmonious atmosphere.  Even the house and cat room cats have cat trees, toys, and boxes to climb in and explore.

We hope this has helped to give you a peek into the lives of cats at F.A.T. Cat Haven.  There is a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” please enjoy the photos of the actual cats of F.A.T. Cat Haven as you view the website.  We couldn’t do this without your help, please consider making a charitable donation by clicking on the picture at the bottom of this page.

Our Mission

For All Time Cat Haven is a 501c3 nonprofit charity dedicated to providing a lifetime care facility for homeless and unwanted domestic cats.