Friday, May 20, 2022

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Cat Comfort

Cats and kittens are rescued, rehabilitated, cared for, and adopted out to loving homes when possible. Many of these are cats would not have survived due to illnesses or injuries.  Others would have lead lives of illness, fear and hunger on the streets.

F.A.T. Cat Haven has several areas designated for cats.  The sanctuary is spacious with a natural, fenced habitat outside for every cat’s enjoyment. Cats like cozy places to snuggle so we have provided a heated “Cathouse” with shelves covered in foam, and clean bedding for indoor comfort and feeding stations.  The cats love clean bedding and there is never a lack of cats to help when it’s time to for changing.  There are several feeding stations for their convenience.

A bedroom in the McChesney’s home has also been converted and designated for the cats; this is now the “Cat Room.”  The walls are lined with shelves, and comfy cat beds everywhere, that have been donated. The floor is strewn with kitty toys. Litter boxes line the closet area and two cat doors are cut in the wall so they can go into a large laundry room for eating, drinking and extra space.  Another cat door goes to a very large outdoor enclosure for those cats that want fresh air and outdoor play time in safety.  It has stacked wooden boxes to sleep in and climb on.  This area also includes a tall cat tree and benches to lie on to sun themselves. New residents start their new lives here, in the “cat room”, where they can acclimate to new surroundings and “settle in.”  This is a traumatic change for most cats. They don’t understand what has happened to their person and home.  We want them to know they are still loved and wanted.  They receive a lot of extra attention and loving during this stage, we don’t ever want them to think that they were “thrown away”, or not loved for any reason.  Some remain in this area, while others will progress to the “sanctuary”, and some become “house cats.”  It all depends on the cat, its wants, and its personality. 

The “house cats” have free roam of the whole house.  Of course again, there are kitty toys, scratching posts, and tall cat trees so they never want for entertainment.  Also are litter boxes and various feeding and water stations.  In fact we have several water fountains that have been donated and the cats love to drink from the flowing water.  Unfortunately because they do like them so much we have to watch and fill them often.

Included in cat comfort are all the medical needs that arise from maintaining a rescue operation and sanctuary.  Many of the cats have spent most of their lives here.  We always want the best for each cat and feel that a loving home is always the best so we search for that “forever home” for each one.  Many people prefer kittens, so the older cats just get older.  As they age, there are always medical problems and issues that arise.  Cats here always get the medical help they need continue to live the quality of life they deserved.

The cats and people of F.A.T. Cat Haven hope you enjoy the website and consider donating to help save even more lives.

Our Mission

For All Time Cat Haven is a 501c3 nonprofit charity dedicated to providing a lifetime care facility for homeless and unwanted domestic cats.