Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Bootsy PG

On September 2nd, 2013 F.A.T. Cat Haven took in a stray from Brookings, Oregon. Poor Bootsy is only about 6 months old herself. Never spayed and deserted with no home, she got herself pregnant (through no fault of her own) and was living in the bushes in a back yard or a compost pile at the neighbors. This kind couple were extremely concerned about her but unable to take her in themselves and were about to leave town. South Coast Humane Society was full, now Bootsywhat to do to get her help? A call to F.A.T. Cat Haven and here she comes. What else could we do? We have room but not enough funds. Well she is safe and sound here. What a sweet little kitty. She is black and white, fuzzy, with very long white whiskers. Extremely cute, very people friendly, loving and she can't seem to get enough attention and yes very pregnant.

On September 12th she has 6 babies sometime during the night before and mom didn't get 1 kitten out of the membrane sack so it suffocated. The other 5 are doing great and will be up for adoption with mom when old enough and after they are spayed and neutered. Three are boys and two are girls. She has one that Babies 1 day oldlooks like her, an all black one, two brown tabby's and an all white kitten. The white kitten may turn out to be Siamese or have other markings but they won't show for a few weeks, or it may remain all white. What a combination. All have fat tummies already at 5 days old. Bootsy is a good mother but is totally trusting in people with herself and her off spring. What a swBabies 7 days oldeetheart!

Right now they are in a pen, about 3 feet by 4 feet. When they are about 3 weeks old we will make them a place in the house so the babies will start using a potty box, start learning to eat food and have room to run around. Mom, Bootsy, hasn’t met the dog or other cats yet. Should be interesting. It’s been a long time since we had the mom and the babies; usually I’m bottle-feeding them. Oh it’s nice to sleep through the night!

Bootsy is a love-bug and will need a home too!

 Nursing babies 11 days old      Bootsy


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Baby Boy 11 da old Baby Boy 11 da old Baby girl 11 da old Baby girl 11 day old All black Baby Boy 11 da old

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