Wednesday, October 23, 2019


MotleyPoor Motley and Tommy!  After several trips to the vet forTommy shots and medicine they still had to go in and have ALL of their teeth removed.  They had a disease called stomatitis.  Stomatitis is inflammation of the mouth.  Their gums are bright red and in their cases the back of the mouth is red and swollen.  A "depo" shot will sometimes help but if it doesn't work the teeth have to come out.  The teeth seem to irrate the problem.  Usually after the teeth are out, the cat or cats, in this case, do very well. Tommy2

Each of these cats had a dental about a year ago but the disease didn't show up then and they only had to pull a few teeth and scale the others.  Motley went in first then a few days later Tommy went in and had his teeth pulled.   later, the cats are home and put into pens in the garage for a couple of days so we can make sure they are eating and drinking well again.  This means heating the entire garage to keep these guys warm.  Now they can go back to the section they came out of.  They are eating good and it looks like they are starting to put on a little weight again.  People often wonder if they have to eat canned food now and the answer is no.  Have you ever really looked at the throw-up of a cat?  Check out the food - often it looks just like the shapes that it came in.  Cats don't chew their food very well or not at all.  So they will do fine on the same diet of dry food.

angelLater that week, Angel goes to the vet because she has blood in her urine.  Now you might wonder how I would know that since she uses a potty box.  Well she urinated in the sink and I saw her do it.  Cats often do things that they wouldn't ordinarially do when something is wrong or when they don't feel well. This was a Thursday, but the lab pickup had already gone out so hers wouldn't go out until Friday.  We wouldn't know what kind of medicine she would need until Monday.  On Monday we got her medicine and a special diet was required too, so purchased an 8# bag of food for urinary and bladder problems at $38 a bag, UGH!  So in addition to the cost of the food, her medicine, and the vet visit and lab the price is adding up.  She goes back in one more week (2 weeks total) for another urine check and vet visit, which in case you are wondering, isn't free.  Now with so many cats, it's imposible to feed one cat a special diet, so she is put into a pen in the gargage.  This also means heating the entire garage again to keep Angel warm, because we don't have the funds to build that special building we would like for the kitties.  We hope she is feeling better soon and well from this nasty bladder problem so she can rejoin the family.

Bugsy is diabetic and has to have insulin shots twice a day.  Lolo is has a thyroid problem (hyperthyroidism) and need a pill twice a day.  Herbie and Elliot are now arthritic and have pain walking so get arthritis medicine every other day to help them stay pain free and move easier.  These guys will have to stay on these meds for the rest of their lives.

We try all year to do various garage sales, parking lot sales, raffles, Christmas bazaars and other fundraisers that come along to raise money for these special cats in our care.  It's a lot of work but it is a work of love.  When times are rough, as it is for everyone now, and I'm feeling like I can't do enough for these guys (the cats) and that they deserve so much more then I can give them,  like that special building I mentioned - and money is getting really thin -  I cry, pray,  and wonder "where is that money tree"! 

Our Mission

For All Time Cat Haven is a 501c3 nonprofit charity dedicated to providing a lifetime care facility for homeless and unwanted domestic cats.