Friday, July 19, 2019


Newt passed over Rainbow Bridge on September 22, 2013. We miss him and his cute fuzzy face. Look for his original story under “News.”  His story isn’t new; there are many wonderful cats just like him here in Crescent City and other cities being left everyday to fend for themselves on the streets. 

I can’t imagine how someone could leave him behind, what a lover he was. Unfortunately we only had the pleasure of his company for a couple of years.  We hadNewt no idea how old he was when we got him, but the vet estimated 15 years or more.  The first thing we had to do was get him to the vet when we got him because he was thin, dehydrated and had a huge abcess encompassing his neck and shoulder; he was on deaths door.  He was a trooper and healed nicely, gained some weight and was looking and loving large! 

Newt waiting to greetNewt loved to greet people at our driveway sale fundraisers.  It amazes me that cats that are mistreated still give people a chance.  He was awesome with children and let them drag him around without any problems.  Newt loved the attention.  He got to go outside in the morning and would spend his days around the house soaking up the sun, gardening with me, and would end up on the front porch glider to nap, where we put a wool blanket for him to snuggle in.  From the front porch glider he was able to welcome anyone coming to the house.  Every afternoon he was back in the “cat room” of the house for the night.Newt

I’ll never forget the end of a fundraiser day when we went to put tarps over everything.  Almost covered up Newt, he was snuggled in with the stuffed animals for sale and we almost didn’t see him.  He was sound asleep after his busy day of check out merchandise and people.  Wish I could have gotten a photo of it-he was so cute. 

Newt at fundraiserThe beginning of September we notice he was having difficulty walking so once more he went to the vet.  A shot of something special and the next day he was walking normally.  So the vet ordered some for his very arthritic hind legs. His breath was bad and you couldn’t even see his rear teeth because of the tartar so he was scheduled for blood work and a dental the next week.  When it came time to come in, where he would be put into a pen to keep him from food and water, he was nowhere to be found.  He always came when called, took to his new name immediately.  We search, called, and searched some more.  He was found 5 days later on a neighbors back porch, yowling.  The meds for his legs had long worn off and he probably could get home.  This was Saturday and the vet did all he could but Sunday night he passed away.  He died of kidney failure.  He may have had it previously, which would explain the nasty breath, and the blood work would have shown it.  But it was a sad 5 days and we are missing him still.

Newt is missed! I wish we had more time with him.  I am so sorry we couldn’t have said goodbye, held him for one more time and told him how much he was loved.  We were so lucky to have him in our life; he was such a wonderful boy.  We did our very best to make up for his past and for the 9 months he spent alone during the cold fall and rainy winter months.  He knew he was loved when he was here at F.A.T. Cat Haven with us!  He is buried next to Kissy-Cat, with a plaque on his grave. Another cat now in GOD’s care, you will never want for anything again!  We will see you again Newt!




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