Friday, July 19, 2019



Bugsy has been fighting a disease and diabetes for many years.   This makes it impossible to regulate his blood sugar.  A couple of weeks ago Bugsy had a massive seizure.  I thought he was dying – the vet is called - out comes the Karo syrup to bring his blood sugar up.  This was a first for him.  I hold him and in an hour the syrup is working.  Bugsy looks up as if to say, “Hi, what’s all the fuss.”  What a special kitty he is.  Everyone loves this little guy! I kiss his fuzzy face.  He does well for a week.  He enjoys the garden and the sunshine.   He doesn’t like the rain so stays inside on some days.  He’s always in the house at 3. It’s February and cold in the late afternoon. 

A week later - another massive seizure hits him.  More Karo syrup.  I hold him – I kiss his fuzzy face as my tears fall.  He is exhausted and sleeps in my arms.  I place him in his bed – check on him later and can tell he has had another seizure – he is all wet with from slobbering and has peed on himself.  He’s walking tentatively around the room – walking into the walls.  He’s blind!  He won’t stop walking – he’s confused.  I cry.  I clean him up.   I hold him for hours.  He looks up at me and purrs – He sleeps.  I place him back into his bed after hours of holding him in my arms.  I go to check on him – he purrs at the sound of me – he’s still in his bed – he can’t walk now –  he can’t stand up - he’s shaking all over – poor Bugsy – I cry.  He appears to be in a state of constant mini seizures now.  Karo syrup doesn’t help - I pick him up and hold him – he doesn’t stop shaking – I cry.  He may have some neurologic damage.  The vet is called for the last time – I cry – I hold Bugsy –I kiss his fuzzy face over and over – he still purrs through it all but  it’s time – I cry.  

Bugsy is held, loved, and his cute fuzzy face is kissed for the last time as he is buried.  Bugsy is at peace now!  I cry!  He is missed!  I still cry!



Our Mission

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