Monday, February 17, 2020


Every cat you see here and many more are at F.A.T. Cat Haven because their owners could no longer care for them. Many are here because their person died leaving their once adored cat(s) homeless. In most cases, surviving relatives or friends are unable or unwilling to provide it a good home. Some of these cats have been abused, others neglected, and some abandoned by their owners. Many are unwanted due to various disabilities such as blindness, deafness and various deformities. They have all found a loving home at F.A.T. Cat Haven.


The Residents

Meet some of the residents of F.A.T. Cat Haven  and read some of their stories below (click Stories below).


The Staff

The staff at Fat Cat Haven are tirelessly working to keep everything running smoothly.

The Volunteers

Volunteering for FAT Cat Haven is rewarding for our volunteers and our residents.

In Loving Memory

Make a Gift Donation

Make a gift donation to F.A.T. Cat Haven in honor of, or in memory of a loved one, a pet, friendship, or to celebrate any person, or special occasion! 

A Memorial is a meaningful way to pay tribute to the memory of a deceased friend, relative or pet.  Your tax-deductible donation will not only pay tribute to them, but it will help F.A.T. Cat Haven continue to rescue, nurture and adopt cats and kittens into loving homes.

You may include a short message or poem, or submit a picture. If you would like to submit a picture and want it returned please send a stamped self-addressed envelope.

We will send a personalized card to any person you designate, letting them know a donation has been made to F.A.T. Cat Haven in their honor or memory.

Our Mission

For All Time Cat Haven is a 501c3 nonprofit charity dedicated to providing a lifetime care facility for homeless and unwanted domestic cats.