Sunday, August 14, 2022

Willow - Then and Now


Willow very sick at 4 wks old  Willow 8 weeks old 


Willow-don't feel good



Willow   Willow 2014  Willow jul 2013  Willow-Jan 2013

   Wilow Now   

Hi, my name is Willow and I had my first birthday in August 2013.  My second birthday  is coming up soon.  That doesn’t sound like much at first glance but wait until you hear my story. 

I was born in August 2012, 1 of 5 kittens.  Our mom was a feral cat and had us in a barn.  We were taken away from our mom at just a few days old so that we wouldn’t end up wild too.  We were brought to For All Time Cat Haven.   They bottle-fed us and took real good care of us.  We were all doing real well and started to eat food and run around the house. 

Then at 4 weeks old I got really sick.  I was checked out by two veterinarians and given several medications but nothing seemed to help.  I was feeling real bad and had trouble breathing.  My illness seemed to stunt my growth and my brothers and sisters all grew much bigger than me. 

Willow and sister Saphire at 3 mo.

 On the left is my sister Saphire. That's me, the little one on the right.

The official verdict was that I wasn’t going to survive.  The vets thought I must have inherited something from my mom and no one could help me.  My human mom and dad still worry about me and wonder if I will have a long life.

My brothers and sisters all got adopted but I was so sick that the Cat Haven kept me.  They said that they do not adopt sick kitties. They still continued to take good care of me.  I sleep in bed snuggled up with my “mom” and lay my head up over her neck.  This makes it easier to breathe while sleeping.  I still have episodes where I wheeze trying to breath but not as often.  It was constant when I was a baby.  None of this has ever stopped me from playing and racing through the house.  The vets didn’t think I would live much past four weeks of age and I will have my two-year birthday in August 2014. The vet told them to keep up whatever they were doing and that was give me lots and lots of love.  What’s not to love?  The older cats give me baths, let me play with their tails, and I even get away with jumping on them.  They are all still really gentle with me when we play.  They let me win all the time.  Speaking of playing . . . I should mention that I am actually a "Retriever in cat fur."  Just throw a ball and I will fetch it like a dog.  I love balls!   I carry them all over.

Willow & ball 1  Willow & ball 1  Willow & ball

Willow & ball 1  Willow & Ball  Willow & Ball  Willow & Ball 

Because of my health and possible future problems (and the fear that my life may not be a long one)  I will remain here at F.A.T. Cat Haven.  I have free run of the house, love tummy rubs, and love to play with balls.  I love my people and the cats I share the house with.  I’m really still small for my age, but I’m very cute and a survivor!






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