Sunday, August 14, 2022


BurneyF.A.T. Cat Haven just picked up another cat and what a lover he is!  He may be a year old or younger.  He has been neutered too!  A neighbor in an apartment complex was in a panic because this is the sweetest cat and needed rescuing.   Humane Society is full; we have the room but are in dire need of financial assistance to give these kitties the homes they deserve until they get adopted.  This cat is extremely affectionate and yet his person chose to move and leave him to fend for himself.  This neighbor told us that they  moved away and just left him.  She said that twice someone has taken him out and away fromBurney the apartments and just dumped him in another area, one was quite some distance away, yet he returned each time looking for his home and his person.  He could have been run over or any number of things could have happened to him trying to find his way home.  He is lucky to be alive.  This is so sad and not an unusual story right now.  It’s like an epidemic in this county. 

We had named him Burney but now it's Rusty, fits him better.   He is beautifully marked, very bright, dark orange color with striped swirls on his side.  He just craves attention and is so sweet, gentle and affectionate.  What a sweetheart!  Won’t you consider adopting this wonderful cat, keeping him safe indoors, and give him the love he deserves?

Burney reaches for cameraPlease think twice before you adopt any animal.  Adopting an animal should be for life!  Animals are not toys, they are living beings, not something you throw away when you tire of them or it starts to be an inconvenience .  They need care and attention.  They cost money to feed and care for properly.  It’s also a good idea to plan for them in your Will in case something happens to you so that they will be properly taken care of when you are gone.


Burney reaches for me  Burney  Burney  Burney



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