Friday, December 03, 2021

Newt Arrives At His New Home

I would like to introduce myself. As you can see I’m a cat.  I am now called Newt.   It’s been so long since I’ve had a home that I don’t remember my old name.  This name is great and I learned it right away. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.   

My owners moved for some reason but they didn’t bother to mention anything about it too me.  They just moved away and left me on the street to fend for myself.  I wondered why they didn’t take me with them, I’ve always been a good cat and I love everyone.  I thought they loved me.  Anyway for 9 months I roamed the neighborhood hoping someone would take me in, it didn’t happen.  The neighbors all got to know me as I search for food and a warm place to sleep but mostly for someone to love and care about me again.  Several put out food for me but I never knew what it would be, cat food or dinner scraps, but I was grateful for anything I was so hungry.  Since this was summer of 2011 the only thing I had to worry about was getting enough food to eat.  I gradually started to lose weight since I wasn't eating regularly or at all sometimes.  Then fall and winter set in and it got very cold and wet.  It was hard to find somewhere to get out of the rain and I was always cold and hungry.  Why did they do this to me?  I thought they loved me.  I’m not a fighter and some of the other cats in the neighborhood would fight with me and beat me up.  Now I was hungry, wet, cold and scared all the time!   

Finally I got a break!  You might not think it sounds so good to begin with but it really was what turned my life around.  A big bully cat beat me up badly.  I ended up with this huge sore that encompassed my neck, shoulder’s, and right front leg.  I was feeling really bad and thought I was going to die.  Finally one of the people who would feed me sometimes saw how bad I was getting.  I wasn’t their cat so they didn’t want to spend any money on the vet for me.  No one had yet called them back from the Humane Society and a neighbor mentioned F.A.T. Cat Haven, so they call.  Thank goodness someone not only answered their call, but drove right over to get me.

They told them about me and how I had been wondering the streets for 9 months, since my owners moved out.  They explained how sick I was.  F.A.T. Cat Haven didn’t even hesitate to come get me. They swooshed me up into a carrier and drove me right to the vets’ office.  That newteatingafternoon I found myself all shaved up, a two inch incision, and a big collar around my neck which made it difficult to eat or drink.  It kept getting in my way but these guys were great.  They held the dish for me.  I was so very hungry and I didn’t know when I would get to eat again.  It took me several weeks before I realized that I was here to stay and didn’t need to “woof“ down the food (pardon the doggy phrase). I finally realized that there would always be food and a nice warm bed to sleep in for me.   I love these guys and purr to show my appreciation.

I’ve put on weight but my hip bones still stick out from all the months of not eating.  There is always food and water out so I've slowed down.  Now I’ve made friends with several cats. I've turned into the new "welcoming commitee" cat when some one comes over.  The people here at F.A.T. Cat Haven say that they won’t let anything hurt me or bad happen to me again,  I’ll never go hungry or thirsty and will always be loved and safe.  I really liked the sound of that!  Oh, I am up for adoption but I’ve been told that I won’t have to go with anyone unless I really like them and want to!  F.A.T. CAT HAVEN SAVED MY LIFE!

Our Mission

For All Time Cat Haven is a 501c3 nonprofit charity dedicated to providing a lifetime care facility for homeless and unwanted domestic cats.