Friday, May 20, 2022

June 2014 - Foxy Joins Us

Please adopt me - I'm looking for a forever home.

An elderly member of our church passed away and left a 3-year-old cat behind.  He was sick for quite some time and his concerned neighbor called us to make arrangements for his cat, Foxy.  What a delight she is.  She has adjusted well to her new environment but it took some time to get used to having other cats around, she came from a one cat household - HER!  She is talkative and speaks when spoken too.  She is a muted tortoiseshell and extremely pretty with a tummy so soft and creamy colored.  She is indoor only now with access to an outdoor enclosure.  She loves being outside.  She was originally an indoor/outdoor cat.  We hope she will be adopted into a forever home soon since she is so young. 

UPDATE:  Foxy was adopted but came back in 3 weeks.  She was so frightened of the large overly friendly lab that she hid under the bed during this time.  So please no dogs. Dogs are fine as long as they are not aggressive. 



Our Mission

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