Friday, December 03, 2021


All of these wonderful little lives have all gotten a forever home! Kids at play

Kittens at playThe kittens we have taken in this year and so tenderly cared for are now all adopted.  They were all spayed, neutered, received a veterinary checkup and given their shots.    We interview the people requesting to adopt and require that the entire family be present for the adoption.  This way we get to meet the adoptors and make sure that everyone is comfortable with the chose, including the cat or in this cases, kittens.  Our adoption policy also allows for the cat or kitten to be returned for any reason.  I feel that these kittens all got very loving homes.  It was love at first sight between kitten and person.  "Bigfoot" and his brother "Sabastan" were adopted together into a home with no other pets.  It was a wonderful match and it looked like instant love.  


We don't miss playtime at 3 AM in the morning but we do miss these cute little kitties.  Even the other cats look around for them to play with still.  So everyone misses them but we are so happy that they have all got really great homes.


SabastanSaphire TK


Willow TK after play

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