Thursday, January 27, 2022

Abandoned For 8 Years

Bugseys Mug Shot Hi I'm Bugsey, some call me Bugs.  My family lived in Ft. Dick, California and moved to San Diego when I was maybe a year old.  They said they would be back for me.  That was 8 years ago.  I roamed the neighborhood over those years looking for food and shelter.  Some of the people in the neighborhood would put out food for me. I would scrounge around for stuff to eat otherwise.  One very nice lady would worry so much when I didn't show up at her window for several days, wondering if I was still alive.  She already had an indoor cat and her husband said one cat was enough. I guess he wasn't a "cat person".  It seems that every year the other cats would beat me up and this year was a very bad one.  This nice lady finally had enough and brought me to F.A.T. Cat Haven and even paid to help support me. Take a look at what the "doc" had to do to fix my hip, took lots of staples. It was an abscess and very painful.  My fur was thin and I had lots of scabs too, so we went back and forth to the vet a lot to get me all fixed up.  Everyone says I look like a Bobcat.  I weigh 12 pounds now and have big feet.  I'm looking very handsome!  Yes I am up for adoption and I'm about 9 years young.  I am also a sweetheart, not a fighter!





Our Mission

For All Time Cat Haven is a 501c3 nonprofit charity dedicated to providing a lifetime care facility for homeless and unwanted domestic cats.