Sunday, August 14, 2022

April 2014 - 4 New Faces at FAT Cat Haven

Same story - different day.  Five cats are left behind as owners move away.   The neighbor feeds them and finds one of these five is sickly and one needs to be neutered.  They take them off to the vet and pay to get them help.  The sickly one is in renal failure and humanely euthanized by vet and the other one is neutered.  The Del Norte Humane Society says they won't take them so we are called and they are all brought to F.A.T. Cat Haven.  What if F.A.T. Cat Haven did not exist?  We are only a couple that decided to make an effort to help cats in our area and now get calls from as far away as Southern California.

These cats are beautiful adult cats.  We don't even know their names, let alone how old they are.  They are a little frightened but all are friendly.  They have no idea what is happening and why their lives have been turned upside down.  I do wish we knew their names!  Well they will all get new names to go with their new lives!  They will stay here until we can get them into forever homes where they will get the love they deserve. 

I wonder why people adopt animals, raise them and then desert them?  Do they not love them anymore?  How can people leave them to fend for themselves?  How can they be so callous and not care what will happen to them?  It's cold outside in March and very wet and rainy.  Poor kitties! 

Danny's closeup        Luna's closeup

           Patsy's closeup     Megan's closeup


Danny, the little brown tabby kitty, has been adopted.  He is in a wonderful home!  He is so extremely shy of people that if it wasn't for the person who adopted him I don't think he ever would have gotten a home.  He is definitely in his forever home.  He is allowed to be himself and hide if he wants to.  He than proceeded to venture out at night to explore.  He now, after months, lets his person see him and come within a few feet of him.  Gosh, doesn't it make you wonder what kind of life he had before and what he most have endured - poor little guy.  What a great life he has now!

Luna, the beautiful Siamese, was adopted by a wonderful gentleman in Oregon.  She immediately started to search her new domain when let out of her carrier.  She knew this was her new forever home.

Patsy, the beautiful, sweet, muted tortie has been adopted and returned twice.  It seems she won't always use her potty box.  UGH!  Finally a wonderful home where it won't matter.  Two teenage girls in the home fell in love with her.  She will be outside but safe in a large fenced area.  What a great home for her.

Megan will sit up like a rabbit so you will pet her.  I wonder if this was taught or if she learned it herself.  She was adopted but returned after a couple weeks because she was literally terrified.  Her new people loved her but she wanted nothing to do with them and remained so scared.  I don't want to put her through that again so she will remain here where she is happy. 

Megan sits & begs

Our Mission

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