Friday, December 03, 2021


Andy's Mug Shot           Bronco 

On August 3, 2013 we received 3 beautiful, large cats from an 88 year old woman in Willow Creek, CA.  That's quite some distance from us but she so loved these cats, raised as kittens, that she wanted to make sure they were in a NO-KILL sanctuary.  She is moving to Wisconsin to live with her daughter who already has cats and didn't think it was right to burden her with more.  She has called several times to check on their progress and has helped financially with their care too.  She was so sad to leave them and of course cried.  We reassured her as much as possible that they would be cared for and loved - And indeed they are loved very much!

TigerTiger and Andy are 5 years old.  Bronco is 6 1/2 years old.  They all adjusted nicely to the new surrroundings, more cats, and different people, us.  Tiger is a medium haired tabby and loves his tummy rubbed.  Almost rolls off the shelf in the cat room when you rub is belly.  He is so very affectionate and comes when called.  Andy is a short haired tabby, also comes when called.  Loves to hang out in the outside enclosed run, also very affectionate.  Bronco is all over the place.  He is short haired and tan in color.  He likes to talk and voice his opinion about everything, including having to share his space with so many other cats.  Also very affectionate and love attention.  These guys are all big cats and very healthy.  We hope that they will find a forever home soon as they are so loving and young.  


    Andy     Andy     Andy

Bronco   Bronco  Bronco


  Tiger's tummy rub     Tiger



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