Monday, February 17, 2020


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Looks like nap time right now to me!  Hey, is that a doggy on Hal's chest - Yep, it's Corky. 

March 2015 Kittens


Four kittens were found with a feral cat at 2 days old.  They were taken away from her so that they would not end up being feral too.  Mom was caught and taken in for spaying.  Kittens were all nice and fat and brought to F.A.T. Cat Haven to be cared for.  That means bottle-feeding every 2 hours.  They are so small at that age and need so much care.  They were all spoken for before they opened their eyes at 11 days old.  One of the kittens, now named "Spunky", was born with a urethra defect.  He was returned to us for ongoing vet care and will remain with us.  He will have continued vet care, as he needs it to remain healthy for the rest of his life. You can follow up on his progress and photos under "News" or "Sanctuary>Residents>Stories". 



Spunky Stays At F.A.T. Cat

Spunky was born March 2015.  He was one of four kittens born to a feral mom. He was born with a urethra defect which made it hard for him to urinate.  He was returned to us when this was discovered for ongoing vet care and will remain with us.  He will have continued vet care as needed to remain healthy for the rest of his life. He had micro surgery at 8 weeks old, a week later was catheterized to help him urinate. He has been in and out of the vets office every few weeks for checkups.   Poor baby has been through a lot at his young age of 4 1/2 months old.  He remains the sweetest kitty and loves to travel.  We don't have to crate him even at the vet and still loves going.  Of course everyone there loves him.  As of the middle of April he gained "a little brother".  Check out his story under Seymour.  They are best friends so I guess we have inherited another kitten.  What's one more, right. 

Our Mission

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